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About Rajan

Trusted Leader. Community Builder. Energy Executive. Mother. MLA. Former Minister of Community & Social Services. Former Minister of Transportation. Economist. MBA.

Born and raised in Calgary, Rajan Sawhney is running to be leader of the United Conservative Party. Recognized as a Community Builder by the YWCA of Canada, Rajan is committed to moving our party and our province FORWARD. With a private sector career spanning more than two decades, Rajan has worked for companies such as Norcen Energy, Anadarko Canada, CNRL, Vermilion Energy, and the Alberta Energy Regulator.  A mother of four and a passionate Albertan, Rajan is dedicated to making the right investments in health and education and building a prosperous future for all Albertans.

Fiscal Responsibility
Health & Education
Pandemic Response
Social Services

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