Rajan Sawhney is a modern, moderate conservative.

Rajan Sawhney was born and raised in Alberta. She spent two decades working in Alberta’s energy industry before becoming an MLA. She served as Alberta’s Minister of Community and Social Services and Minister of Transportation.

A reliable fiscal conservative with a robust commitment to the everyday issues that concern Alberta families and businesses, Rajan brings a balanced approach to government. She champions the kind of sensible, practical solutions the UCP must offer if we are to win the next election against the NDP.

Rajan gets things done. She solves real problems. She relates to the people who are getting things done in Alberta. Her goal is to support Albertans with the policies and tools we all need to be our best and make Alberta the best place to live and work.

Civil Society Act

As Premier I will propose a Civil Society Act that will bring a community focus to promote Active Citizenship. This purpose of this Act is:

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A New Energy Strategy For Alberta

Alberta needs to address the future of energy in Canada.  This is a particularly important conversation now, as we witness the geopolitical turmoil in Europe.  We must understand from the European experiences of an over-accelerated transition to renewable energy, especially now that a severe energy insecurity situation has arisen, to ensure we don’t repeat the same mistakes in Canada.

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Axe the Fertilizer Emission Reductions Target

The federal government’s recently announced fertilizer emissions reduction targets are utterly ill conceived, tone deaf and ignore the sophistication and the high standard of Canadian farming practices.   It’s not surprising an outcry has been raised by Canadians everywhere.  Please take a moment to read this outstanding article to gain more insight on how Ottawa came up with the 30% reduction Opinion: Axe the fertilizer ban | Financial Post

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The Sovereignty Delusion

United Conservative Party (UCP) leadership contender Danielle Smith’s proposed sovereignty act is an unconstitutional delusion that will lead the United Conservative Party and Alberta down a dangerous path.

Even its most ardent supporters admit that the Sovereignty Act is unconstitutional. In fact, supporters are so brazen about its unconstitutionality that they say that’s “exactly the point.” In other words, the entire point of this legislation is failure.

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Coal Policy: Upholding the Lougheed Legacy

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of participating in a Leadership Candidate Forum in Morinville - St. Albert.   One of the questions posed to all the candidates was about the environment and did we, as candidates for leadership, plan to leave the environment better for our children and grandchildren?

My answer was yes, of course! I believe that no one cares more about our environment than Albertans, including farmers and ranchers, Indigenous Albertans and families that just love going to the mountains or rafting on a river. That includes our energy, forestry and agricultural industries that are genuinely dedicated stewards of land, water and air.

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Inter governmental Affairs Ministry

  • Bolstering investor confidence in Alberta.
  • Enhancing Alberta’s autonomy within Canada – with the goal of more Alberta and less Ottawa.
  • Implementing all the Principal Recommendations from the Alberta Coal Policy Committee
  • Giving Alberta municipalities a larger voice at the provincial table and in discussions with the federal government.
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Affordability Measures

Index to inflation five critical programs that support low-income Albertans, Albertans on disability, and Alberta seniors:

  • Income Support to People Expected to Work or Working
  • Income Support to People with Barriers to Full Employment
  • Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) Grants
  • Seniors Benefit and the Seniors Supplementary Accommodation Benefit
  • Re-index Tax Brackets
  • Affordability cheques for Albertans
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Additional Supports for Diabetes Management

  • Continue and expand the insulin pump therapy program.
  • Publicly fund advanced glucose monitoring devices.
  • Enhance access to blood glucose test strips for Albertans living with diabetes.
  • Expand access and support to promote limb preservation for Albertans living with diabetes.
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Healthcare Policy

  • Review the COVID-19 response. Strengthen access to mental health, addictions & community supports.
  • Rebuild and strengthen relationships to ensure RESPECT for our doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals.  Get the doctor’s contract done!
  • Best care at the best time -bolster and invest in primary care networks and build the patient “medical home”.
  • Best care in the best place, care for people where they want to be.
  • Build efficiencies quickly: Create a province-wide, centralized referral system for specialists.
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Women's Economic Recovery

  • Tracking and assessing progress on gender equity measures in our province.
  • Taking action on improving economic inclusion for women entrepreneurs and newcomers.
  • Bolstering supports for primary prevention and elimination of family and sexual violence in Alberta.
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Five Priorities

Global leadership in traditional energy, new energy, agriculture, and technology.
Invest in Albertans today while saving for tomorrow.
Take a deep dive into improved education and healthcare systems.
Address affordability crisis by indexation of benefits and taxes.
Transparent public inquiry into Alberta’s COVID-19 response.

Economy: Global Leader in Energy, Agriculture and Technology

A government led by Rajan Sawhney will protect, defend, and promote Alberta’s energy industry so we can take advantage of current and future demand, not just for traditional energy, but also for new forms of energy such as hydrogen. It will ensure Alberta is not just at the forefront of supplying the globe with energy, but with food. It will also ensure Alberta continues to grow as a global hub for technology.

Education and Health Care: Accessible and Affordable Social Services

A government led by Rajan Sawhney will restart our curriculum review and bring parents and teachers and other professionals to the table. The goal is to bring greater capacity to our education system. Her government will also protect and enhance Alberta’s public health care system by being innovative and forward looking while always retaining the single, government-payer model. This means making mental health and addictions a key health care priority. It means repairing the relationship with doctors and all health care workers. It means restoring rural emergency services. And it means putting front line health care providers ahead of our top-heavy health care administration.

Fiscal: Protect Albertans Today; Save for Tomorrow

A government led by Rajan Sawhney will continue to control spending while investing in Albertan’s priorities. Alberta is booming today. This means we have the resources to protect vulnerable Albertans from inflation, invest in education and in health care, while also prudently saving our energy surpluses for the future. We can carefully manage our revenues so that our children and grandchildren are not bequeathed debt repayments and interest payments on that debt.

Affordability Measures

A government led by Rajan Sawhney will help Albertans weather the current inflationary cycle. By indexing key programs to the inflation rate for low income Albertans, Albertans with disabilities and for seniors. It will also index the tax system, including tax brackets and refundable credit levels, so that Albertans don’t pay more tax because inflation moved them into a higher bracket.

Pandemic Response: A Public Inquiry

There has rarely been a government challenge so serious as this one, and yet so controversial. Our response must be examined. A government led by Rajan Sawhney will launch a full, open, transparent, and independent public inquiry because we need to know what we did right, and what we did wrong. We need to know so we can move forward together on Alberta’s compelling future priorities.